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Spicy Tanks

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Zach Tsiakalis-Brown

        Zach is the tyrannous leader of Zulubo Productions. He began creating said productions when he was seven or eight, which is probably why the name is so strange.

        His skills are programming, 3D modeling, and sometimes drawing, and he is trying to change the fact that he's the only one here who can use Unity. 

George Eracleous

        George is an artist. He is absurdly picky with what goes into the games, and overly talkative on reddit

        His skills include sculpting, drawing, painting, animating, and moaning about how things make no sense.

Errol Bucy

        Errol does pretty much nothing. I'm not sure why he's here.

        He occasionally contributes amazing and horrifying conceptual drawings, or profound ideas about the universe, or screams like a bird.

        Can write in many languages.